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Experienced Forensic Accountants

All businesses and organizations are exposed to loss from fraud. Fraud can happen from a fictitious employee, vendor scheme, billing fraud, embezzlement, or outright asset misappropriation. The costliest frauds are related to financial reporting where revenues are overstated or debts are understated. McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., LLC has experienced and credentialed fraud professionals to help you through the mire of occupational fraud. We can provide the expert witness testimony to grand juries and ensure that our findings are spoken plainly and are clearly understood.

Taking Steps to Prevent Fraud

While our forensic accounting services are needed only after a fraud event has occurred, we also provide prophylactic fraud reviews and consulting. We will help prevent fraud by coming to your organization and examining your internal controls to find where weaknesses are most prevalent. We can provide fraud awareness and education to your staff through “Lunch and Learn” or other more formal settings. Fraud losses can be devastating to an organization, often costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Virtually all of these can be eliminated through periodic fraud reviews by professionals who are experienced in recognizing it.

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