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Litigation, Valuation, Forensics Accountant

Job Summary

Your responsibilities will include working with our Litigation, Valuation, Forensics Practice Group (LVF) on litigation and valuation cases that are usually complex assignments. You should be self-motivated and able to manage projects that are long in duration. We work as a group so that everyone on the team assigned to a case understands our goals and deliverables to the client for that case. This means you will be able to seek and get help with any task. You should have a keen investigative nature as the problems we work with are not always evident and must be discovered. Data analysis and use of Microsoft Excel is crucial as is the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and through written documents. You should desire to learn legal processes and, ultimately, to provide work-product suitable for court use.

Position Requirements

  • Ability to review both financial and legal documents with the capability to understand the relationship between what the legal document intends the financial relationships between the parties (usually a contract) and what the financial documents report.
  • Ability to summarize and explain complex issues.
  • Ability to quickly understand and analyze complex and often very large amounts of financial data with the goal being to prepare an easy to understand analysis for others to review and draw conclusions.
  • Ability to use the software tools currently used by our department and to foster advancement with new analytical tools or ways to improve our existing ones.
  • Possess basic accounting and financial skills and the ability to understand the relationship between the statements in a standard reporting package.  Possess an understanding of what financial statement auditor does and what an audit report means.
  • Functional in the use of QuickBooks and ability to navigate proprietary accounting software packages as they are encountered.
  • Data acquisition.  The ability, or willingness to learn, how to obtain large quantities of data, image hard drives, export data, and other related functions.
  • The ability, or willingness to learn through credentialing programs, how to perform business valuation engagements, both in and out of the legal context.


College degree with a major in Accounting.

Double-major or minor in Information Technology and/or Information Systems a plus.

Three to five years of auditing and/or litigation experience in a public accounting firm.

Any of the following certifications and credentials (or comparable) are desired, but are not required:



  • Competitive Salaries
  • Incentive Opportunities
  • Group Health and Life Insurance
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • 401(k) Retirement with 25% Employer Match
  • Child Care Reimbursement Plan
  • Generous Paid Time Off Plan
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